3 Words to Describe “Because You Care”

February 18, 2014 3:55 pm
As part of a CHE Trinity Health-wide video, numerous departments at Mercy Health Saint Mary’s shared three words that demonstrate their care and compassion. Each group put its creative hat on and chose a three-word phrase that best represents “Because You Care.”
Enjoy this video that showcases each phrase and don’t forget to take the Culture of Safety and Engagement survey, March 24-April 7:

Mercy Health Saint Mary’s Safety Story


Kassandra Brown


Scott Pegg

Wow! What postive energy and dedicated people we are blessed to work with. The wide variety of "3-Words" selected tells a very powerful story.......how everyone touches the heats and lives of poeple in many special and different ways.

Rebecca Cesario

Also like the video but agree that it does play very quickly. Some signs are very easy to read because group is small and graphics are large. Other groups are hard because group is small and graphics are small.

Judy Herrick

I love it! How fun. Could we slow it down a bit? I wanted to see the faces and read the words but it went by so quickly. Of course, it DID get me to play it more often.

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