87% Participation Rate for Culture of Safety and Engagement Survey 2014

April 28, 2014 8:31 pm

Congratulations – Mercy Health Saint Mary’s and Mercy Health Physician Partners in Grand Rapids achieved an 87% participation rate for the Culture of Safety and Engagement Survey!

Thanks to everyone who participated.

Did your department hit 65% participation? Then your manager will give you your voucher for a free treat! These vouchers will be distributed with the National Health Care Week giveaways, starting on May 8.

Why is the survey so important? “The power of the latest Culture of Safety and Engagement Survey was to ensure our colleagues had an opportunity to exercise their voice,” said Heather Sprague, VP, OTE/CHRO, Human Resources. “It takes all of us working together in a Safe and Just Culture to better the lives of our patients and to create an extraordinary work experience.  Hearing from our colleagues helps us ensure we are creating an exceptional care experience for all we serve.”

Collins, John

Dr. John Collins, Chief Quality Officer

According to John Collins, MD, Chief Quality Officer, the seven keys for success for the 2014 Colleague Culture of Safety and Engagement Survey are:

•             Safety  – every time, every person.

•             Senior Leadership Commitment

•             Departmental Teamwork

•             Perseverance, unit cooperation

•             Compete with other units for participation

•             Becoming a High Reliability Organization

•             Best Care and Service, Every Encounter, Every Time.

Official results and findings from the survey will be shared in the next several weeks. Thanks again to everyone for exercising your voice for such great participation results.



Judy Herrick

I thought John Collins and his team, along with the planning team members did an excellent job of getting the right amount of information out to the managers so they could, in turn, stimulate interest in the survey. Also, hats off to Katie Halloran who prepared and shared such good tools to be used as we communicated the intricacies of the survey. Yay team!

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