A Taste of Medicine for Middle Schoolers

July 22, 2014 2:51 pm

banana suturingFor a third consecutive year, students from Grand Rapids Public Schools came to Mercy Health as part of Summer Health Activities and Professions Exploration (sHaPe) Program through Grand Valley State University.

This one-week day camp introduction to the health professions for7th and 8th grade boys and girls provides students the opportunity to study anatomy, physiology, and personal health and fitness.

On Tuesday, July 15, 38 students interacted with our health care professionals at all levels, forming relationships, and gaining insight into what they do on a daily basis. Focusing on hands-on activities, Mercy Health Saint Mary’s highlighted various health care careers, such as Sous Chef, Sterile Processing, Security (HERT), Surgery and Endoscopy.

EndoscopyA few of the hands-on activities included:

  • Making their own salsas,
  • Suturing bananas,
  • Performing endoscopies with simulation devices, and
  • Handling surgical tools.


One student wrote on their evaluation after being at Mercy Health Saint Mary’s: “This is the best hands-on field trip that I have ever experienced!”

One hundred percent of the students surveyed would recommend this field trip to their friends, and 95% had increased knowledge in the health care field.

Mercy Health colleagues did an excellent job bringing the medical field to life for the students in the sHaPe program. Thanks to the more than 20 colleagues and nine departments that contributed to highlight more than a dozen careers in less than three hours. Special thanks to IMG_2999Maria Alvarez De Lopez for organizing the logistics of the event.


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