Award-winning Space at Foundation, John and Marie Canepa Place

July 6, 2015 4:13 pm
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    The first place winner award from the Michigan Interior Design Excellence Awards.

    The Progressive AE interior design team won the award from the International Interior Design Association (IIDA) for hospitality space under 10,000 square feet featuring Saint Mary’s Foundation project. The object of this design competition is to recognize excellence and continue to build public awareness in the field of Interior Design in the State of Michigan.

Through philanthropy and stewardship, the Saint Mary’s Foundation raises money for Mercy Health Saint Mary’s. Their goal is to help the organization continue its mission of fostering good health throughout the community.

When Meeghan Mooney, Senior Healthcare Interior Designer working on the project asked what would make their new space a success, Saint Mary’s Foundation responded that they need to, “Think big, feel big, be big.”

When the Foundation decided to move into the turn-of-the-century home, across the street from the hospital’s main campus, they sought to create a welcoming environment that would be a reflection of Mercy Health Saint Mary’s hospitality. They wanted a statement building to call their own; a building with a strong physical presence to serve as the entry point for the community. They wanted an environment that would create a sense of trust for their donors; an environment that would say “we are doing the right thing.”

Foundation Picture 3

From left to right: Representative from Progressive, Phil McCorkle, Marie and John Canepa, Michelle Rabideau, and Meeghan Mooney, from Progressive AE.

The renovation of this unoccupied historical home into a cutting edge work environment was not an easy one. Outdated mechanical and electrical systems and the need for additional structural support resulted in unexpected expenses that, in turn, impacted the interiors budget. These challenges turned into opportunities as the team worked to preserve the historical nature of the building while meeting today’s workplace needs.

Though the original intent was to install hardwood floors, the unevenness of the floor did not allow for this. A wide vinyl plank was used instead, resulting in a cost savings and a quieter, more durable solution. All of the original woodwork and moldings were preserved and refinished to match the new vinyl floor. The team decided to keep the original fireplace materials rather than clad it with new tile.

Thanks to Progressive AE and congratulations to them and the Saint Mary’s Foundation team.


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