Celebrating Mom – 51-Mom Baby Shower Hosted by Clinica Santa Maria

November 3, 2014 5:18 pm

diaper cake - pink  On Thursday, October 30, 51 expectant mothers and their families attended an event to celebrate mothers and provide them with information. This event was hosted by Clinica Santa Maria, located at 730 Grandville Ave.

Every mother that attended was given a diaper bag and supplies and had the opportunity to take home a crib, car seats, baby clothes, diaper cakes, baby tubs, piggy banks and other helpful items for first-time mothers.

Expecting mothers learned about child safety and challenges that new moms may face while enjoying snacks and massages. Some of the presenters included:

  • Safe Haven Ministries,
  • the Michigan Department of Community Health regarding the importance of vaccines,
  • Safe Kids West Michigan regarding car seat safety,
  • Journey for Life, which talked about breastfeeding and other challenges new moms may face,
  • Mind, Body and Spirit providing massages and pampering expectant mothers,
  • Baby Scholars,
  • And Bright Beginnings

piggy banksThis was the fifth shower event hosted by Clinica Santa Maria, but it was the first one to be held in the fall. The Saint Mary’s Foundation and Shared Services sponsored the event.

Nancy Pagan, Clinica business team lead, was impressed with the turnout. “We invited 100 moms and due to conflicts with transportation and childcare, 51 mothers came, which was a great turnout.”

Donations for babies and mothers are always accepted and appreciated. To learn more about donations, visit www.saintmarysfoundationgr.com. To learn more about Clinica in general, visit www.mercyhealth.com/clinica-santa-maria.


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