Clinical Nurse Leaders Host International Nurse Guests from Japan

March 18, 2016 8:18 pm

Theresa and AsakoImpacting Change in Health Care Around the World

Mercy Health Saint Mary’s proudly hosted more than 15 nurses and nurse leaders from Japan on Tuesday, March 8 and Wednesday, March 9, as part of the Global Nursing Initiative through Saint Anthony College of Nursing and OSF Healthcare System – Academic and Clinical collaboration to develop nursing leadership and facilitate advancement of Nursing. The Japanese nurse leaders visited Mercy Health Saint Mary’s to learn more about the Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL) role, as a part of the requirement for them to become future CNL faculty in Japanese higher education and clinical setting when the CNL role is implemented in Japan.

The special guests heard presentations about complex care and the development of CNL program at Mercy Health Saint Mary’s. The nurses and nurse leaders from Japan were able to hear the history of the CNL role in Michigan and here in GR, the first program in Michigan, and then to shadow the CNLs in action at Mercy Health Saint Mary’s, enabling them to visualize the CNL role and how it has been actualized in GR.

During the debriefing session about their experiences with the CNLs on the units and the floors, the nurses and nurse leaders from Japan shared several common themes about the CNLs:

  • “Good communication; Lauran is a super communicator.”
  • “The respect that the organization has for the CNL and Mary’s role was amazing. It made me realize that it takes an entire culture to build this program.”
  • “You could tell how trusted Laurie was within her department and on her team.”
  • “I was able to participate in a bedside meeting with the patient and his family. I had thought this was impossible, but after seeing what an outstanding job Rebecca was able to do, I am feeling more confident that I can bring this back to my hospital, and that we can do this, too.”
group shot in the lobby

Mercy Health CNLs escorted nurses and nurse leaders from Japan throughout the day to teach them about the CNL role in action.

Mercy Health Saint Mary’s has partnered with Global Nursing Initiative at Saint Anthony College of Nursing and Saint Anthony Medical Center in Rockford, Illinois, to facilitate CNL role development in Japan as well as at OSF Saint Anthony Medical Center. This is the fourth visit, and more visits are planned as the program continues to expand into an annual event. Mercy Health Saint Mary’s collaboration has been recognized at the 2015 ANCC Magnet Conference and the AACN CNL Summit in 2016.

Mercy Health Saint Mary’s has additionally hosted nursing leaders and CNL students from Wisconsin, Kansas, Missouri, and Illinois from both hospital systems and academic facilities to see the CNL role implemented and to understand the impact and outcomes realized in Grand Rapids. The organization serves as the primary clinical site for Grand Valley State University’s CNL program.

Mercy Health Saint Mary’s has also completed Phase I of a multi-phased research study demonstrating the impact of CNL’s in practice, and is currently part of the initial dialogues to create a national CNL Practice Research Consortium to demonstrate the impact of the CNL role on the microsystem and outcomes of care, including the implementation science and change management required for this transformational change in practice.


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