Colleague Award Winners Announced for Fall 2013

October 18, 2013 4:27 pm

Each quarter, we celebrate our best colleagues through the Colleagues Awards, presented by our new President, Bill Manns. Colleague Award Winners are those who exemplify the Guiding Behaviors and who live out our mission.

If you would like to nominate a colleague for a Colleague Award, please visit: All nominees are reviewed by a panel composed of non-clinical, clinical, managers and frontline colleagues. Nominations for the next round are due December 15, 2013.

Congratulations to the following individuals, who were recognized at the October 15, 2013 Colleagues’ Recognition Celebration (read excerpts straight from their nomination forms below):



Bill Manns, Tara Jones, her family and Dr. Chris Glisson at the awards ceremony

Throughout and ever-expanding process of growth and change, Tara has remained a steadfast and supremely reliable champion of collaboration between our various offices and specialties. She demonstrates a selfless dedication to serving her colleagues, and is tireless in her efforts to provide prompt and seamless care for our patients.

Most recently, one of our key team members has been on a leave of absence due to illness. Tara has been invaluable in assuming the role of this individual and doing the work of more than two colleagues, always with an outstanding attitude and excellent results. Tara is committed to becoming a better neuro-ophthalmic technician through a rigorous program of self-study, course work and certification.

Tara has a tremendous attitude, pleasant and reassuring demeanor, and an outstanding dedication to her work. On numerous occasions each week, she is called upon to handle difficult situations and always excels in a professional manner. She is very empathetic to patients and is a very appreciated member of their care team.

Most impressive is Tara’s initiative: she simply does what must be done, whatever the circumstance, without being asked and certainly without complaint. We simply could not have succeeded without her contributions.

Bill Manns with Mary Herman and her husband

Mary Herman, RN, Comprehensive Breast Center

Not long ago, Mary made a huge impact on a patient with special needs and her family. The patient needed a breast biopsy that required her to lie still on the biopsy table. The patient was scared. Mary focused on the patient’s needs and stayed with her during the entire prior procedure, comforting the patient by talking to her and telling her stories to keep the patient distracted. The patient was able to tolerate the procedure and left telling everyone that Mary was her angel. In spite of the fact that Mary had many other responsibilities that day, she focused on this patient and made a lasting impact on the patient and her family.

Mary has many gifts and being a great communicator is one of them.  She has an uncanny knack for maintaining professionalism while making us laugh at the same time.  She puts patients at ease with her confidence and quick wit.

Mary has a great work ethic.  She has excellent rapport with all the other staff, due in large part to her ability to be an effective communicator.  If she sees that someone needs help, she is quick to pitch in and do what she can herself or find someone else that can help.

In my 23 years of nursing, I have never worked with anyone more deserving of this award.

Bill Manns with Chris Schmidt and his family

Chris has been at Mercy Health for many years; during that time he has built great friendships with coworkers and is always looking for ways to help. He deals with many people each day and treats all of them equally and will go above and beyond to help a coworker or patient. If Radiology gets behind; Chris is one of the first ones to rush to help in order to provide the highest level of care possible.

Looking at the Guiding Behaviors of CHE Trinity Health, I feel that Chris demonstrates them each and every day. When a patient has a complaint, Chris listens to their problems and tries to solve them. Chris thinks about the effects of his decisions and is ready to stand by them.

With the ever-changing and fast-paced environment of working in health care, Chris adapts very well to different and new situations. He is always looking for ways to grow as a person, whether it’s continuing his education or just looking for ways to make others’ jobs a little easier.




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