Colleague Award Winners for Winter 2016

January 22, 2016 6:07 pm

Each quarter, colleagues are nominated for embodying the mission, vision and values of Mercy Health Saint Mary’s by visiting A panel of management, non-management, clinical and non-clinical colleagues carefully selects up to four colleague award winners. Below are excerpts from each of the nomination forms:

Mahoney, Maureen, RESIZED

Maureen Mahoney

Maureen Mahoney, MA, Mercy Health Rockford Campus
Once I was rooming one of Dr. Durfee’s patient for Dr Wiarda. This patient was extremely fatigued and frustrated that she did not feel well. I asked Maureen to go in and say hi to her. I saw magic before my eyes. The patient perked up, was laughing and feeling better by the minute. It was amazing.

You never have to be afraid to approach her for help and information on how to do things. Most the time she knows you need help before you do.

Maureen is a problem solver – loves doing it without being condescending.

She has actively has support Mercy Health for years now. Presently, Maureen is involved in the creation of a New Care Team Model.






Hallberg, Joan RESIZED

Joan Hallberg

Joan Hallberg, Surgical technician, Lacks Outpatient Surgery

Joan always makes an effort to get to know patients and their disease and goes out of her way to comfort them during their treatment.

She has trained many excellent colleagues who now excel in the same way Joan does. She understands the workings of the operating room and the procedures in a profound way. She is excellent at anticipating needs for patients.

She has streamlined several processes to improve patient care, especially for breast reconstruction patients. She has markedly improved outcomes regarding surgical site infection after breast reconstruction by educating and innovating.

She is adherent to the guidelines in the operating room and goes out of her way to ensure the guidelines are followed.


Liberty Dykehouse, CNS, Infection Control (Not pictured)

When a patient and family member were very confused and upset about being on isolation for a drug resistant organism, Liberty created an educational sheet and spoke at length with them to allay their anxiety and improve their knowledge.

Liberty headed up the Ebola response for the hospital which included Mercy Health Physician Partners, the Emergency Department, Ambulance services, nursing, physicians, environmental services and laboratory. This included collaboration of how to handle possible Ebola patients at all entry points, donning and doffing of PPE education and video, general education with colleagues. Trinity Health even used many the Ebola tools that were created.

When a colleague was questioned by a surveyor about PPE and Hand Hygiene while in a patient room, Liberty approached the nursing colleague for her/his story and what they were thinking to help identify whether or not a gap in care occurred. There was some validity in the colleagues’ response which made the focus of education to all colleagues better.

McCourt, Alyssa RESIZED

Alyssa McCourt

Alyssa McCourt, RN, Hauenstein 3

Alyssa is one of the best examples I have witnessed in assuming goodness and intentions, and in treating everyone (patients, visitors, and staff) that I have witnessed in the year that I have been an employee of Mercy Health.

Alyssa has a true passion for training and educating new nurses who get hired onto our unit. She feels we can learn as much from them as they can from her. She is an employee everyone enjoys working with because she is constantly going above and beyond to help her fellow staff.

Even if Alyssa is asked a question not directly related to nursing, she will find the solution or help an individual locate an answer. I have never heard Alyssa talk poorly of others although I have heard her ask, “Have you spoken with them? I’m sure they did not mean it that way.” Alyssa is definitely a positive go getter!


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