Colleague Award Winners – Spring 2015

April 27, 2015 12:53 pm

Each quarter, a handful of our best Colleagues are selected to receive the Colleagues Award. Recipients are first nominated by their peers, then selected from among dozens of other candidates by a committee composed of clinical, non-clinical, management and non-management colleagues who carefully read through the nomination forms. Colleague Award winners are honored at a special event hosted by President Bill Manns on 5 Lacks, at 3 p.m. on Tuesday, April 28. All are invited to attend to celebrate with them.

If you would like to nominate someone for a Colleagues Award for the next quarter, please visit

Conklin Sarah -r

Sarah Conklin

Sarah Conklin, LPN–Mercy Health Physician Partners- Northwest Office
Sarah is beyond flexible with her schedule and goes above and beyond for her team. She just has a big heart and puts 100 percent in everything she does, and it shows. She takes her time with patients on the phone and offers community resources to patients who don’t have insurance and are looking for help. She even stops and gives directions to people when we are walking to the hospital from our lunch break, and will even help them cross the street safely.

Her approach is like no other; she is fully present and wants to find the root of why people do what they do. She accepts everyone for who they are and is always positive. She treats patients like family: with great care and respect. I have never worked with someone who is so proud of the organization they are in and what they stand for. Her smile and attitude are contagious.




Rowe Margie,r

Margie Rowe

Margie Rowe, RN– Case Management
Margie is the definition of compassion. She genuinely assumes goodness in intentions. She asks questions to gather more information about a situation prior to offering her own opinion. She attempts to gather full reports regarding patients and doesn’t assume she understands a patient’s background. Margie gets the whole picture of a patient to ensure she is meeting the patient’s needs.

She treats each and every patient, colleague and family member with respect. She’s a constant and excellent example of how to treat others.

With the changing of Medicare insurance reimbursement, Margie offered to attend a monthly 7 a.m. meeting to share knowledge, expertise and help keep outpatient neurosurgeons up-to-date with Medicare. This meeting is something Margie has chosen to add onto her already almost ten-hour day. Margie is one of the hardest workers I know. She is a constant encourager.


Kreslins Diane, r

Diane Kreslins

Diane Kreslins– Coordinator, Spiritual Care
Diane’s active listening skills are extraordinary! She will sit closely, remain quiet and will give anyone the undivided attention they need as they are sharing from their heart.

Diane is a person who demonstrates a great deal of compassion for her patients and colleagues. She is kind and very team-oriented. So often, patients have sought her out after their stay to inquire about ongoing support in their cancer journey.

She brings a welcoming and healing presence in all of her varied patient and family interactions, but her care and compassion do not stop there. She also supports all hospital team members by being present and offering prayer for anyone in need. She hosts an event called Tea for the Spirit, designed for 4 Lacks staff to share their memories and feelings of loss for the many cancer patients the staff has grown close to and wish to honor.


Michelle Mott

Congratulations Margie !!! She certainly deserves this recognition. Margie is always kind, compassionate and a great listener. She always keeps her cool. She does exemplify excellence in action.Yeah!!!

Barb Stellema

I have know Margie for many years and she is indeed, a most amazing person. She has always had a way with listening to people and her caring spirit shines from within!!! Congratulations to all the winners but a special "bravo" from me to Margie! You are amazing, caring and such an example of what St Mary's Hospital has always been known for.

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