Colleagues Award Winners – Summer 2014

July 29, 2014 2:47 pm
Dane, Carleen

Carleen Dane

Carleen Dane, Risk Management
Carleen is accountable for the oversight of risk management of the perinatal services at Mercy Health Saint Mary’s. She works collaboratively with the leadership team. When investigating any events she consistently and routinely applies the just culture philosophy. Supporting and acknowledging human error and working to improve systems to assure the same situation does not happen to any other colleague.

Carleen attends the safety huddle on the 9th floor every day. Carleen highlights areas of opportunities she redirects the team to focus on real and potential safety issues.

Carleen has worked to improve our quality and safety overall. The goal for Carleen is to find the root cause of the problem; this may take a few weeks or several months. The emphasis is always on improving the system to provide a safer place for our patients and colleagues.

Carleen’s presence at safety huddle assures she is available to identify real time concerns. Carleen brings things forward that she finds while doing chart audits that might not otherwise be noticed.

Carleen wears multiple hats. The thing that stands out most is her commitment to the safety and quality of care for the patients and the colleagues. Carleen makes herself available to the team, pushing the team to investigate deeper. When asked for reports or for data that is outside the norm she always figures out a way to find the information. The physicians, clinical nurses and leadership team often depend on Carleen without having a full appreciation of the work that is completed on their behalf. Carleen quietly, competently works every single day to create an amazing birth story for each and every patient.


Vicky Ferguson

Vicky Ferguson, MHPP Center for Diabetes and Endocrinology

Our organization has a long history and outstanding reputation for our Renal Transplant Department. During the past year, the outpatient dietitians have been asked to play an increasing role to support both the renal transplant recipients and donors by providing them with nutrition evaluation and education.

Vicky has led the way in developing nutrition history forms and educational materials for this patient population. In the past few months, she stepped forward to make a presentation and answer questions for the Support Group for renal transplant donors.

Most recently, Vicky went “above and beyond” to meet the needs of 3 renal transplant donors. Simie Bredeweg, the renal transplant coordination, was having difficulty finding times that worked for these patients to meet with a dietitian. Vicky was extremely flexible in order to accommodate the needs of these patients. Instead of taking PTO on the day after Memorial Day, Vicky opened up her schedule to fit in one of the patients who planned to be in town that day for their renal transplant evaluation. She added another patient to a day that she was already fully booked – and that she had to come in early for the Renal Transplant Review Meeting!

She made arrangements with the third patient to provide the nutrition information he needed via telephone and mail because it would have been very difficult for him to take off work and travel to Grand Rapids.

Through her many efforts and actions, Vicky demonstrates her support of Saint Mary’s valued and respected Renal Transplant Program. On a more personal level, she acknowledges and respects the needs of renal transplant donors, people who are making huge sacrifices to improve the life of someone else.


Carrie Nestell

Carrie Nestell

Carrie Nestell, Manager, Lacks Cancer Center

Carrie noted a consistent theme from patients, families, and staff members that patients/family members within the Cancer Center often had trouble remembering information about their various treatments (surgery, chemotherapy, radiation) and had questions from diagnosis throughout treatment about what to expect during the experience. This contributed to the anxiety surrounding the cancer experience.

Carrie reached out to the Saint Mary’s Foundation and secured funds to assist the Cancer Center with this project. She negotiated with the production company constantly to stay within budget and produce a worthwhile project. The most amazing thing was the coordination of literally hundreds of people’s schedules, personalities, and available locations to film while not interrupting patient care activities!

Carrie was able to describe the concerns of patients starting from how to get to Cancer Center, parking, and throughout the treatment experience using a visual and descriptive format on the Cancer Center website, interactive maps, and have this available in DVD format to give to patients. This allowed them to have materials to refer to throughout their treatment. Being able to see and hear from the providers they would be encountering and see pictures of the facility prior to coming was helpful in reducing their concerns. Being able to provide a tool for patients to see and use was reassuring to staff that the patient would have references after their appointments for their use and to share with families and friends.


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