Congrats to Kerry Gorsuch, MD, Physician Appreciation Award Recipient

January 29, 2016 9:05 pm
gorsuch, group photo

Kerry Gorsuch poses with his team with his plaque after being honored with a Physician Appreciation Award.

Kerry Gorsuch, MD, was honored at a surprise celebration on the Mother/Baby unit on Tuesday, January 19, 2016. Gorsuch received three separate nominations from nurses with whom he works.

Below is an excerpt from one nomination:
“I want to recognize Dr. Gorsuch for not one specific event but his overall performance and commitment to our patients. I know without a doubt that when Dr. Gorsuch is on call, he will be here when I need him. He always has a good attitude. He treats all of his patients with respect. His plan of care never changes depending on the ‘type’ of patients he has – he treats all patients equally and believes they all deserve high quality care. He is calm, lighthearted, and a wonderful physician to work with. He is extremely consistent in his care and deserves to be recognized. He is a true team player and I love when he is on call. Thank you for doing what you do best!”

Gorsuch was surprised, and asked to say a few words: “I just want to say that it takes an entire team.”

Congrats again to Gorsuch.


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