Congratulations to Brad Morrow, MD, Physician Appreciation Award Recipient

April 8, 2016 6:17 pm
physician appreciation award, morrow, larger file

Dr. Brad Morrow pictured in the middle of the Endoscopy department after he receives the Physician Appreciation Award.

Brad Morrow, MD, was given the Physician Appreciation Award on March 31, 2016. Surprised by the award by his staff and nursing leadership, Morrow shared a few words with the group, “Thank you for all the kind words. This is such a great place. We have such a group here, I honestly wouldn’t want to work anywhere else.”

Nominated by the nurses in the Endoscopy unit, an excerpt of the nomination is below:

“Dr. Morrow’s caring and kind approach to his patients keeps them coming back. He personally calls patients with biopsy results, and I have heard him speak openly and honestly with patients about their diagnoses with such compassion that he is able to express the seriousness of their disease without taking away the patient’s hope. Dr. Morrow treats patients with utmost respect and is always concerned about their safety and what is best for them.

“Another example is a patient who credits Dr. Morrow for ‘saving his life.’ This patient had been struggling with alcoholism for many years, resulting in liver disease and esophageal varices. The patient said that Dr. Morrow saved his life by having tough conversations with him, but being respectful and caring at the same time. It was a ‘wake-up call,’ and he has been sober now for a few years. Every time he comes in, he tells the nurses how much he appreciates Dr. Morrow and how grateful he is to him. When he has an endoscopy procedure, Dr. Morrow always takes time to sit and talk with this man about his life, struggles and accomplishments.

“Dr. Morrow’s genuine care for others extends not only to his patients, but also to those who work with him. He has a keen sense of what is going on in the unit and offers his support before being asked.”


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