Congratulations to Dawn Warren, DAISY Award Recipient for May 2016!

May 16, 2016 4:44 pm
signing banner

Dawn Warren signing the DAISY Award banner.

Recently, the staff of 4 Lacks cared for a patient who was admitted for observation. This was a complicated case, and Dawn Warren navigated this admission to Mercy Health Home Care beautifully. When this patient was ready for discharge, Mercy Health Home Care accepted this patient for home care and Dawn helped with her transition to home.

Keeping with our guiding behaviors, Dawn worked tirelessly to advocate for this patient by thinking out of the box. Dawn collaborated with our own physicians, spending many hours on the phone encouraging and supporting the patient’s caregiver as she continued to advocate for a seamless transition to care. The best part of this is that the patient and family felt cared for as Dawn lived out our nursing vision of providing excellent nursing care to those entrusted to us.

Although this is one specific example of how Dawn delivers care that is compassionate, this is a typical practice of Dawn’s. She goes above and beyond consistently. She is always caring and compassionate. She is a strong advocate and she never gives up.




group shot

Dawn Warren poses with nursing leadership and members of Pharmacy to celebrate her receiving the DAISY Award for May 2016.



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