Congratulations to Dr. Philip Goushaw, Physician Appreciation Award Recipient

February 26, 2016 8:43 pm
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Connie Potter nominated Dr. Phillip Goushaw for the Physician Appreciate Award for his taking the time with not only the patient, but with the patient’s family.

Mercy Health Saint Mary’s is proud to announce Dr. Phillip Goushaw as the recipient of the Physician Appreciation Award! The nomination reads (submitted by Connie Potter, BSN RN):

“I believe Dr. Goushaw is deserving of the prestigious Physician Appreciation Award. I was in my patient’s room when Dr. Goushaw was performing his consult. I noticed this was a patient he knew very well. This patient had multiple complex medical issues on top of what a renal physician was being consulted for. The daughter present was overwhelmed and had multiple questions for him. As expected, all of her questions were answered.

“What was so impressive was that after Dr. Goushaw had spent a considerable amount of time with this patient and his family, he continued to collaborate with his daughter about the goals of care.

“I very much appreciate Dr. Goushaw taking the time to have this important conversation that he initiated in order to advocate for his patient. This is a difficult and time consuming discussion and he did it beautifully. Because of this intentional and meaningful dialogue, the family was able to meet with our palliative care team with the goal of finding the best direction of care for this patient and his family.

“Thank you for providing excellent care to those entrusted to us.”

Dr. Goushaw was honored at a surprise ceremony on February 24, 2016.


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