Congratulations to Marcia Lund, Friend of Nursing Award Winner!

August 24, 2015 2:18 pm

Marcia, coworkersCongratulations to Marcia Lund, (pictured in the middle, wearing blue) greeter, who was nominated by Julia Winter and a nurse at the Southwest Emergency Department.

Lund is noted for her extremely welcoming spirit, and is described as being the “eyes and ears of the front door.” Mercy Health is proud to honor Lund with the Friend of Nursing Award for her outstanding commitment to providing quality care to patients from the moment they enter the hospital.

An excerpt from her nomination reads:

“Marcia is the greeter for the Southwest building. Her desk is directly located outside of my office and every day I overhear her wonderful interactions with patients. I am extremely impressed with her professionalism, compassion, and dedication to providing an excellent patient experience each and every time she is at work.

I often see her throw on her coat and bring patients to their cars in the pouring rain and blowing snow – all with a smile. She is a tremendous resource for the Southwest Emergency nurses and notifies them when patients need help getting out of a car or need other immediate medical assistance.”

Congratulations again to Martha Lund, whose family came out to surprise her during the ceremony!


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