Congratulations to Melissa Huisken, Friend of Nursing Award Winner for December 2014!

December 22, 2014 5:32 pm

Pictured in the middle, Melissa Huisken received three nominations for the Friend of Nursing Award. Her mother, pictured left, came out to surprise Melissa during the awards ceremony, hosted by Liz Murphy, pictured right.


Melissa Huisken pictured with the NICU and nursing leadership to celebrate her award.


Melissa Huisken signs the banner for the “Friend of Nursing Award.”

Nominated by three nurses in the NICU– Lynne Horodyski, Tara Shea, Heather Gaudard, Melissa Huisken was selected as the Friend of Nursing Award winner for December 2014. The following excerpts are taken from each of her three nominations:

“Melissa Huisken is continually going above and beyond her job requirements every shift. She anticipates the needs of the unit and staff and is readily available to help in any way she can.

“Her delightful personality is contagious and she is a pleasure to work with. I am always grateful for her every time we work together. She makes my job as a nurse easier. She is an outstanding colleague! She keeps our unit spotlessly clean and fully stocked and is a tremendous asset during busy shifts because she pitches in and helps without being asked.

“We love Melissa! She is the prime example of someone always looking to do something more. The best part is that she is just a happy, bubbly person and is excited to be here and is doing a spectacular job. I love when she works because I know I will have everything I need. She is a vital part of our unit.”

Congratulations again to Melissa, whose mother came to surprise her during the awards ceremony, hosted by Liz Murphy, Chief Nursing Officer!


Nancy O

You are so deserving of this award!! Thanks for ALL you do!

Audrey Mitchell

Congratulations Melissa! I'm so happy for you receiving this award. The kindness and thoughtfulness you showed our boys during our time in the NICU are such great memories for us. The Tiger & Anchor hats will always bring a smile to my face. Congrats!!

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