Congratulations to Nursing Excellence Awardees 2016!

May 6, 2016 7:38 pm

Kicking off National Health Care Week 2016 with Nursing Excellence Awards on May 4, Mercy Health Saint Mary’s honors some of our exemplary nurses, each with the designation of one of the following Nursing Pillars: collaboration, compassionate care, advocacy, knowledge and spirituality. The awardees represent both inpatient and outpatient units, both bedside nurses and nursing leaders, and were selected from among 65 nominees, all nominated by those who work with them, and chosen by a council of staff nurses. Staff nurses also receive a scholarship, thanks to the generosity of the Medical Staff of Mercy Health Saint Mary’s, who funds these scholarships each year.

Each year, two nurses are also honored with the esteemed award of the Nursing Vision, where they have demonstrated all five Nursing Pillars during their work as nurses at Mercy Health. This year’s Vision Awardees are Rachel Catinella, a clinical nurse specialist from Hauenstein 3 (third from the right) and Beth Veenstra, a MiPCT nurse who works in the East Beltline Office (pictured fifth from the left.)

Award and Scholaedited, nursing excellence award photosrship Recipients:
Beth Veenstra: Vision Award and Scholarship
Rachel Catinella: Vision Award
Bridget Duley: Spirituality Award and Scholarship
April Polaski: Advocacy Award and Scholarship
Barb Waier: Advocacy Award
Rylie Buck: Knowledge Award and Scholarship
Jette Benson: Knowledge Award
Carol Adams: Compassionate Care Award and Scholarship
Dave VanderArk: Compassionate Care (Not pictured)
Molly McCarthy: Collaboration Award and Scholarship
Len Radecki: Collaboration Award

Congratulations to our Nursing Excellence Awardees 2016, and thank you to all our nurses who work tirelessly each and every day to bring compassion, knowledge, spirituality, advocacy and collaboration to their areas each and every day.


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