Congratulations to Tara Mullins, Friend of Nursing Award Winner, December 2015

December 7, 2015 3:17 pm
tara and Kim

Tara Mullins, Friend of Nursing Award Winner with her nominator, Kim Harper.

Kim Harper, Clinical Staff Nurse on Hauenstein 2 nominated Tara Mullins from Environmental Services as a deserving recipient of the Friends of Nursing Award. The skill and compassionate care exemplified by Tara to our patients, their families and our staff recognize them as an outstanding role model.

On December 4, 2015, Mullins was extremely surprised to receive the award from Liz Murphy, VP and CNO.

The nomination reads:

“I was working on an abnormally busy day with a busy assignment that was in multiple hallways. As the PCA assigned to one of my other patients was off the unit transporting a third patient, I felt kind of pressured with these competing priorities. My charge nurse was also busy.  Tara Mullins, from Environmental Services, as always, recognized I needed help. She seized the opportunity to remind me that we work as a team at Mercy Health Saint Mary’s.  Like an angel, Tara helped a patient settle safely into a chair in his room while she changed out the beds, cleaned the floor and helped clean up the patient. What impressed me the most was that Tara saw not only the nurse who needed help, but the patient as well.

“I never had to ask her for help that day! She was just available and ready to provide something more.

“This is common for Tara. She always asks to enter a room and if it is okay to clean it. She always goes above and beyond.  She returns throughout the day to see if there is more she can do. When leaving a patient’s room, I overhear her asking if there is anything else she can do to make their stay more comfortable.  And she then asks the nurse if there is anything she can do for the nurse!

“I know when I see her working that I will be supported and that my patients will experience her caring. Through her actions, she makes us proud of Environmental Services, and the way our unit appears to both patients and visitors.

large group photo, FON, december

Environmental Services gathers to celebrate their Friend of Nursing in their department.

“I appreciate Tara and all of the hard work she does to help me provide excellent nursing care to those entrusted to us!”