Connie Brooks- Colleagues Award Winner Fall 2014

October 27, 2014 2:08 pm

Connie Brooks, RN, waBrooks, Connie pics recognized for her dedication by being nominated to receive the Colleagues Award!

In the Mercy Health Heart and Vascular Center, many nurses exemplify the core values of the Nursing Vision, but Connie lives and breathes these in a brilliant way. Within minutes of meeting her, the staff knows they have an ally and patients & families know they have a trusted, skilled and compassionate caregiver.

Connie has the ability to see beyond a diagnosis and procedure to the core of her patients, and is tireless in her efforts to ensure the best possible outcome. She is known to purposefully take complex patients, to switch rooms in order to have a repeat patient she has bonded with and stays late to be present with the patient no matter how painful or difficult those times can be.

Congratulations Connie and thank you for dedication!



Kelly Parm

Congratulations, Connie. You are an awesome nurse, compassionate caregiver and wonderful friend. You are so deserving of this award! Always happy to see someone from the "IIU nights" team get an award!

Amy Groenhout

Congratulations have always been the best!!! : ))

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