DAISY Award Honoree, David Bailey – April 2015

May 22, 2015 7:35 pm
Daisy award - signing banner

David Bailey, RN, signing the DAISY banner.

Each month the Daisy Award is presented to nurses who have surpassed the standards of providing quality care to their patients.

Mercy Health Saint Mary’s recognizes David Bailey, RN, as the DAISY Award honoree for April 2015 for his outstanding commitment to upholding and demonstrating the mission and core values of Saint Mary’s through his work as a nurse.

“His attitude is exceptional and his work ethic is evident in all that he does,” said a patient of David Bailey who nominated him for this award. “He spent all the time with me that was needed; was totally knowledgeable; he was at ease explaining details and handled all my needs in a perfect manner and with a great attitude.”

“David was extremely attentive to my needs; we even hit it off as friends, asking questions about each other and our hobbies,” said a patient. “He always had a smile on his face.”

The DAISY Foundation was created in 1999 as the result of a family’s remarkable experience with the nurse of their ill loved one. The family of J. Patrick Barnes created the DAISY Foundation with the intent to recognize nurses that have made a significant difference in both their patient’s lives and their patient’s family’s lives as well.

Nurses are an integral component of any health care system, and Mercy Health Saint Mary’s is pleased to partner with the nationwide DAISY Foundation in acknowledging the spirit of compassion and concern that nurses exhibit for the patients they care for.

Congratulations again to David Bailey!


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