DAISY Award Presented to Jeana Smits in January

February 3, 2014 8:11 pm

January’s DAISY award goes to Jeana Smits from Hauenstein 2.

Jeana is surprised to see everyone, but doesn't yet know she is receiving an award.

Jeana is surprised to see everyone, but doesn’t yet know she is receiving an award.

This was a very special DAISY celebration because Smits was nominated by two of her colleagues who shared the story of how she helped rally the Hauenstein 2 team to put together a bedside wedding in one day last September for the daughter of a dying patient.  The newlyweds both took off work to be present for Smits’ DAISY Award, presented on January 27, 2014.

This patient was trying to hold on for two weeks to be able to see his daughter on her planned wedding day, but the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) team knew that he would not likely make it more than 24 hours.

The bride, Mollie, explained that her dad was so sick she was having trouble understanding his wishes but Jeana went right up to his bedside, shook him gently and asked in a loud, cheerful voice, “Tony? What’s the plan for today?” Mollie’s dad whispered one word: “wedding.”  That was all it took for Smits and the ICU team to create a momentous occasion.

Mollie called her fiancé at work and said, “We’re getting married today!”

Many colleagues pulled together to make it special for Mollie and Jake with a photographer, music, cake, decorations and flowers.

“I was at home getting my dress and the suit my dad planned to wear for the wedding when someone from the hospital called and said, ‘don’t worry about the flowers, we have them.’  When we got here, they not only had flowers but a harpist too!” shared Mollie with tears in her eyes.

Congratulations to Smits and her Hauenstein 2 colleagues for their dedication to caring for the mind, body and spirit of their patients.

The bride and groom celebrate their special day with her father.

The bride and groom celebrate their special day with her father in September.


Jeana's H2 colleagues celebrate her DAISY award.

Jeana’s Hauenstein 2 colleagues celebrate her DAISY award.



Lori Baldwin

Amazing job Jeana!

Jan masten

This was truly a very emotional day. To see my beautiful daughter marry her husband in front of her dying father was, in itself, a loving, brave, and unselfish act on Mollie and Jake's part. It would not have been possible without the unbelievably compassionate actions of Jeana and the staff who provided such comfort to all of us. I feel very honored and grateful to have been a witness to that special day. Jeana, congratulations, you are more than a Daisy Award winner, you are an Angel to us!! Jan

Pat Irwin

What a loving and kind gesture you made for this whole family. I cried when I read this story. Congrats on the award you deserve it.

Judy Herrick

How beautiful! You can bet we will use this story in Excellence In Action. Thank you Jeana!

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