DAISY Award Winner – November 2014 – Jodi Goorhouse

November 17, 2014 3:59 pm
Liz, Jodi and Mary

From left to right: Chief Nursing Officer Liz Murphy, Jodi Goorhouse, and Mary Draper, RN, who nominated Goorhouse.

Congratulations toJodi Goorhouse, RN, for receiving the DAISY Award for November 2014 at Mercy Health Saint Mary’s. Goorhouse proudly represents Hauenstein 3.

Goorhouse was nominated by fellow floor nurse Mary Draper, RN, for her “advocacy for a patient, effectively collaborating with Hospice and Palliative Care to allow the patient to pass according to her wishes: peacefully at home, with her family.” Celebrating Goorhouse’s great patient care were Liz Murphy, Chief Nursing Officer, and her colleagues on Hauenstein 3.



DAISY Award Winner Jodi Goorhouse stands proudly with her Hauenstein 3 team and Liz Murphy, Chief Nursing Officer.

The DAISY Award is awarded to a deserving nurse each month, through nominations received by patients and their family, or from fellow staff.


Pa t Irwin

I have worked with Jodi before. She was amazing stepping to help Neurosurgery. She is well deserving of the Daisy Award.

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