Donate Life Champion Award Recipient From Gift of Life Michigan

November 22, 2013 5:21 pm

Mercy Health Saint Mary’s Added 960 Names to Michigan Organ Donor Registry Last Year; Most of Any Hospital in the State


Kidney recipient Oliver Hale (middle) thanks Bill Manns (right) for the Kidney Transplant Center while COO of Gift of Life Michigan Rick Hillbom (left) looks on during the brief awards ceremony on October 30, 2013.

2,000 Transplants! October 23 marked another special occasion: Mercy Health Kidney Transplant Center performed its 2,000 kidney transplant on on that day.

The Donate Life Champion Award is periodically given to hospitals and other partners by Gift of Life Michigan to recognize superior work to help promote organ, eye and tissue donation. This award recognizes Mercy Health Saint Mary’s for adding 960 names to the Michigan Organ Donor Registry in 2012, which was more than any other hospital in the state for the year, and nearly twice as many as 2011’s recipient, Portage Health, which secured 517 that year.

Rick Hillbom, COO of Gift of Life Michigan, presented the award to Bill Manns, Mercy Health Saint Mary’s President during a brief awards ceremony on 8 North October 30, 2013. A two-time kidney recipient, Oliver Hale, spoke during the ceremony about how blessed he was to have received such a generous gift of life, twice, and about all the wonderful things in life he was able to do as a result of this gift.

Bill Manns, Mercy Health Saint Mary’s President, signed a rose vial to be displayed on the 11th annual Donate Life Float in the Rose Bowl Parade in California on January 1, 2014. The float committee has selected 12 living kidney donors to walk alongside the float to raise awareness for living donation.

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