Double DAISY Award – First for Mercy Health Saint Mary’s, Lorel Baatenburg and Kathy Verbrugge

April 8, 2016 6:52 pm

double daisy, for web versionCongratulations to Lorel Baatenburg, RN, and Kathy Verbrugge, RN, both from Endoscopy, were both nominated by Margaret McCormick, RN, who wrote the following:

“I would like to nominate two colleagues from the Endoscopy unit for the DAISY Award, as both were intricately involved in the placement of a naso-gastric tube. The patient had Crohn’s disease and a small bowel obstruction. He was vomiting and was experiencing much nausea.

“No nurses on his unit were able to place the naso-gastric tube, and so Kathy and Lorel’s expertise was called upon. Armed with all their supplies, such as Lidocaine jelly and Topex spray, they went to the patient’s bedside. With great care and expertise, they explained to the patient who they were and that they place these kinds of catheters multiple times and have done this for years. The patient was hesitant, but let them try.

“The patient was able to tolerate having the naso-gastric tube placed and was evident within seconds.”

Congratulations to both these nurses on Endoscopy for going above and beyond for patients throughout our hospital!




double daisy, group photo


Sandy Alcumbrack

Congratulations to you both!! Very well deserved!

Margie Rowe RN

Congratulations to both of you. Both of you are dedicated nurses and have always gone above and beyond to care for your patients. You have provided decades of experience to St Mary's and I am proud to have you as a colleague.

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