Fall 2015 Colleague Award Winners Announced

October 16, 2015 8:00 pm

Each quarter, colleagues nominate their fellow co-workers, those who embody the mission and values of Mercy Health Saint Mary’s, for the Colleague Awards. Each colleague award winner is selected by a committee of clinical, non-clinical, management and non-management colleagues. Only four colleague award winners at a time are selected for this prestigious award. To nominate a colleague, please visit www.mercyhealthcolleagues.com.

This quarter’s colleagues will be honored at a ceremony and reception hosted by President Bill Manns on Tuesday, October 27, at 3 p.m. on 5 Lacks. All staff are invited to attend.

Read the excerpts taken from their nomination forms below:

Kaminski, Jill

Jill Kaminski, Colleague Award Winner

Jill Kaminski, Data Analyst

As a data analyst, Jill is responsible for running most of the nursing sensitive data that leaders use to make decisions. Recently, Jill assembled the data for the two- year interim Magnet Document. As Jill shared her knowledge, skills, and expertise with me, I was able to collaborate with Kristy Todd to write a detailed analysis of the data Jill organized.

One of the requirements for being a Magnet hospital is that we need to submit data to continue to demonstrate the excellent nursing care we provide. For the last six months, Jill has assumed “this other duty as assigned” to support me as I transitioned from an educator to the Magnet Program Coordinator. She was centered. She worked brilliantly and is one of the key reasons why our report was submitted on time.

As Kristy, Jill and I worked on the interim Magnet document, Jill continued to provide enhanced ways to presenting the data. Because of the gifts and talents Jill displays with Excel coupled with her strong understanding of nursing sensitive indicators, we submitted a pretty comprehensive interim document.

Jill is an extraordinary colleague. There isn’t a mountain too high she wouldn’t climb for her colleagues. She is always thinking of others. Just recently she decided to sew tissue holders together for the Daisy recipients. She continues to help me understand data and graphs that I need to know for my role. Numbers come easily to her, and she helps me to better understand them. She lives out the mission, vision and values every day consistently. I am proud to call Jill my colleague.

Theaker, Kelly

Kelly Theaker, Colleague Award Winner

Kelly Theaker, Emergency Department

Kelly is dedicated to providing excellent care in every way! Her knowledge and investment in the care of her patients are qualities that every nurse should possess. Not only is her bedside demeanor professional, compassionate and respectful, the knowledge and skills she possesses enhance this even more. I have heard her update patients and family members on their plan of care, and immediately build rapport with them. I recently had a patient with dementia who at times would become combative. His family told us he was a retired school teacher, and talking about which school you went to was a calming approach to him. Coincidentally, she went to the high school he used to teach at, and while starting his IV, she spoke with him about the school and in the end, distracted him from what would have been a stressful event.

She is a very strong resource in the ER, and her personality makes approaching her for help or questions very easy. She goes above and beyond to help other nurses, share information, skills, and knowledge gained from her experience. She has strong communication skills with patients, families, other nurses and providers.

I feel Kelly’s experience and overall excellence as a nurse makes our department a better place. Her high level of skill and willingness to help out or contribute her skills/knowledge in a critical situation is of such value. Even more admirable is her willingness to be a continuous learner, even after many years of experience. As a somewhat newer nurse to the ER, I watch her perform skillfully, quickly, and with ease in many challenging situation, and her overall demeanor as a nurse is something I strive for!


Raza, Aamir

Aamir Raza, Colleague Award Winner

Aamir Raza, Nutrition Services

Aamir cares passionately about the service he provides to customers and fellow employees. Aamir has built relationships with most of the night shift employees. He knows people by their first names and treats everyone respectfully.

During the construction of the new Urban Platter Cafe, Aamir had to work twice as hard to provide the hospital with food every night. Though it was very troublesome for him, he never once complained and he knew that his hard work would benefit the entire hospital once the construction was finished. Aamir interacts with every person that walks into the cafe at night. He is always respectful and can communicate with everyone. He works hard and treats everyone respectfully so that problems or concerns do not arise.

He receives compliments nighty and always accepts them in a respectful manner. Everyone understands the job he does is crucial and very hard to do by himself and they reward him with words of encouragement daily.

Aamir is an integral person to the success of Mercy Health Saint Mary’s.

Wisniewski, Karen

Karen Wisniewski, Colleague Award Winner

Karen Wisniewski, Northwest Office
Karen is absolutely wonderful. I have heard many of her patients say that they have had her as a caregiver her long enough they consider her to be family. She genuinely cares about each and every patient.

She has a wealth of knowledge. She is always willing to help and do what she can to better the process of the office. She can be found almost every night doing extra work voluntarily and showing others how to do something they did not know previously how to do.

Karen has a way of repeating what patients tell her, just to confirm she understands what they are explaining. It is such a neat way if you ever listen to her, to make sure the patients feel like you understand them and are really listening to what they say. Karen is always praising other staff and telling them what a great job they do, as well as encouraging patients when they meet a goal.

Karen is the hardest working person I have ever met. She is so very wonderful to the patients. They honestly have a personal relationship with her and very much adore her. She is a staple at Northwest. The office would not be the same without her. I know a lot of people get nominated for this award, but she so deserves this! Mercy Health should be proud of her!



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