First Cohort of Financial Peace Graduates Just Before the Holidays!

December 15, 2014 3:55 pm
FPU Class

First cohort of Financial Peace University. Not pictured: Jillaine Pierce, Bridget Graham and Carol Arends.

How would you like to pay off hundreds of dollars in debt and save hundreds more while spending cash only for the holidays?

One group among our colleagues, the first graduating class of Financial Peace University at Mercy Health Saint Mary’s, can make that claim.

In only eight weeks, they have collectively:

  • Reduced debt by more than $22,000,
  • saved more than $25,000 in their emergency funds,
  • and have cut up more than 30 credit cards!

Having started in early October 2014, the group met weekly for an hour and a half to learn hands-on budgeting techniques, talk openly about personal struggles with debt and saving, and how to hope and plan better for the future.

Some participants have openly shared their journeys toward living debt-free lives through Financial Peace University:

“The best it’s given me is hope again to know that I can do this. It’s not impossible and it will work. I have far less debt that some of the success stories I have heard, and even if it’s just me doing it, I know that I can and I will do this!

“We have been married for three years, and never had a budget. We figured as long as our bank accounts were going up slightly, we were doing okay. Now we sit down together and see where we want our money to go, and we actually have fun with it! We saved up for a trip with cash, and when we came back, we had money left over! It was really nice having cash dedicated for a purpose instead of sliding our credit card all over the place, then being surprised when the bill got so high!”

I have paid off my last medical debt today! It feels wonderful to not have any medical debt hanging over my head whatsoever! I no longer use credit cards and will pay OFF my remaining credit card this month. Feels good to be done with credit!”

“I was a little obstinate at first, but I have now cut up all my credit cards! I have gotten a second job to pay for all my debt, and I am moving forward!”

“This class has changed my life! We have already made so many positive changes and the excitement of each step has me on a high! We feel very well equipped to prepare a better future for our family. We’ve gotten rid of all of our credit cards, four are completely paid off! We control where our money goes, we’ve saved for emergencies, and we continue to give to church and a couple of local agencies.
Congratulations to the following FPU graduates:

  • Melissa Williams
  • KatyBeth McRae
  • Bridget Graham
  • Jillaine Pierce
  • Samantha Zacks
  • Lori Peterson
  • Denise Harman
  • Katie Halloran
  • Larry Sprengelmeyer
  • Jan Sheafor
  • Katie Koperski
  • Niketta Lewis
  • Rita Gage
  • Paula Jacobsen
  • Emily Moore (Franklin Moore)
  • Melenie Barbee
  • Carol Arends
  • Jerilynn Jacobsen


Plans are in place for another cohort to begin in Spring 2015! Look for details in the eWithin in the coming weeks!



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