First Fit Friday Success Story: Colleague Shares Her Journey

April 27, 2015 3:39 pm
BMI scale

InBody360 Analysis Machine used for “First Fit Fridays.”

As told by Sheryl Lozicki, RD, Director of Nutrition and Wellness

During our last meeting, Shannon said: “I need new goals!”

In just eight months, Shannon Skiera from the Medical Management department has lost more than 40 pounds and 6 ½ percent of her body fat by changing her lifestyle habits.

Back in August, she met with me and had an InBody250 analysis completed. This is a free service offered to Mercy Health colleagues, family and friends through our onsite wellness program.

During this 15-minute session individual eating, exercise, stress management and rest goals are set to help individuals create healthier habits that will last them a lifetime.

Shannon learned what her total percentage of lean (muscle) body mass and muscle weight in her right vs. left arm, abdomen and right versus left leg, her percentage of body fat, weight and BMI. She attributes her success to:

  • setting small achievable goals,
    working towards fun rewards
    and her competitive spirit.

She has two sisters who joined her in an effort to lose weight and they too have been very successful. She states her husband was also very supportive and they try to eat healthy meals together. Other changes she has made include cutting out diet soda and switching to water. She also used to be a big orange juice drinker but now limits it to a more reasonable ½ cup portion once a day, enjoying whole fruits and vegetable smoothies instead.

She still enjoys a wide variety of foods, just less of them. She joined a local gym and goes regularly every evening.
Her advice: “Stick with it. Even if you gain, don’t quit because it is very hard to start back up!”

Shannon is the first of many wellness success stories we will be sharing. If you would like to be scheduled for a free InBody 250 analysis, please register with


Lindsey Rodarmer

Just wanted to thank Sheryl Lozicki again, I was able to lose my baby weight and reach my goal weight and keep it off using this program. Meeting with Sheryl was like having a personal dietician and trainer, all as a benefit for being a Mercy Health colleague. Sheryl helped me put together a diet and exercise plan that worked for me and was so helpful, also using our onsite fitness classes-thanks Sheryl!!!

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