Friend of Nursing Award Honoree, Mardine Davis – February 2015

February 9, 2015 5:16 pm
poster signing, resized

Mardine Davis signs the Friend of Nursing Award banner as part of the tradition of winning the award.

Congratulations to Mardine Davis, PCA, who is the Friend of Nursing honoree for February 2015!

Mardine has earned several nominations to this program from patients, and seconded by Lacks 3 Leadership, where Mardine works.

From the nomination form writen by a patient’s daughter this past fall:

“Mardine was such an inspiration. She always came in Dad’s room with such a positive attitude. She had a sincere concern for the patient. She also gave my Dad the most complete bath ever. He is still talking about it. We feel blessed to have met her.”

A second nomination from the daughter of another patient:
“….My mother had not taken her medication correctly and was in great distress. During my mom’s stay Mardine was an angel for my mom. Mardine recommended a certain kind of soup. Mom tried it, liked it and ordered it often. She even told me to order it when I visited. Mardine also took the time to listen to my Mom. (She) comforted her both physically (soup) and mentally (listening).”

group shot, resized

Group shot of 3 Lacks staff, proudly standing behind PCA Mardine Davis, February 2015 Friend of Nursing Award Winner.

Congratulations to Mardine for her great compassionate care!


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