Friend of Nursing Award – June 2015 – Martha Coe

June 12, 2015 6:52 pm

signing banner, Martha Coe

Martha Coe signing the Friend of Nursing Banner

Martha coe

Martha Coe stands in the middle of 4 Lacks staff after her Friend of Nursing Award Ceremony

Martha Coe, Patient Care Assistant of 4 Lacks, celebrated with her colleagues during a brief ceremony on June 12, 2015 where she was recognized with the Friend of Nursing Award.

Coe has been a member of the Mercy Health Saint Mary’s team for 26 years, where she has performed a variety of roles.

Specifically, Coe was recognized for her quick judgment call during an emergency situation when she found a patient in distress while driving in the hospital’s parking ramp. “She stopped the woman and got her transferred to the emergency room, where she was later admitted,” said Theresa Heindlmeyer, Patient Care Services. “She got involved…she single-handedly saved a life.”

“She’s one of the best; she has a heart for people,” said MarKay Riippa, Manager Clinical Services.

Coe’s colleagues and supervisors were surprised to learn of a hidden talent Coe possesses. The crowd was moved to tears as she sang one of her favorite hymns, titled “Teach Me to Wait Lord,” to close out the ceremony.

Coe has certainly demonstrated the qualities that a Friend of Nursing Award recipient should possess: patient advocacy, getting involved and providing quality care.

Congratulations again to Martha Coe!


Elizabeth B

Congratulations, Martha!!! We appreciate all you do for our floor. Well done!

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