Friend of Nursing Award, Kraig Cole, Surgical Tech

September 4, 2015 3:29 pm
Kraig Cole, FON, group shot

Kraig Cole, pictured in middle, surrounded by Surgery leadership and staff, also accompanied by Liz Murphy, CNO, and Theresa Heindlmeyer.

Congratulations to Kraig Cole, who works in the Main OR, who was nominated by Emily Krueger and Jamie Herman for his persistent willingness to lend a helping hand.

The nomination reads:

“Kraig is always willing to help out regardless of how much he has already worked. During the weekend of the Surgery move, he came in on Saturday to help move equipment from the old OR to the new ones. The OR move was scheduled to take two days, so most of the items had been relocated, but not everything had been put in its final place. Even though he had been here all morning and part of the afternoon, we had a trauma situation that night and needed immediate assistance from someone familiar with the OR and the location of both the old and the new equipment.

“Kraig was not on call, but when the manager phoned to see if he was available; he dropped everything and was in the department, dressed in scrubs, and ready to help in 20 minutes! He ran for blood products during a massive transfusion protocol, retrieved equipment and supplies from all over the department, assisted in transporting the patient to a nursing unit, and helped clean and set up for the next case that needed to be done. He was officially on call the following day and he was called in to help the day shift with those cases. He did all of this happily and with a great attitude! Kraig is an asset to the Main OR and he is such a wonderful person!”

Congratulations again to Kraig Cole!


Thomas J. Crowley

Great Job Kraig

Selma Languedoc

I am very happy for Craig. He is a hard worker with a very humble spirit. I am very proud of him and he is a young man that is resilient, determined and a passion for the work he does. May God continue to bless him as he seeks to become better in his field of work with much love.

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