Hold It Through the Holidays 2013 Recap

February 3, 2014 8:19 pm

In 2013, we had a short list of 12 out of 28 teams that successfully held it through the holidays. “Neuro Checkin,” “The Bacon Haters” and “Waist Management” were smaller teams of two to eight participants and were more apt to be successful than larger groups in part due to greater team bonding, accountability and easier communication. However, the Wege Pharmacy, the “Pharmacy Phatties,” lost an average of 4 pounds per participant on their 17-member team.  “Accountability,” the Shared Services team, lost an average of 4.25 pounds per participant on their 10 member team.  Shared Services touts much of their success to their onsite Weight Watchers program. Nintety-one percent of participants who weighed out successfully maintained their weight within the 1 pound goal or lost weight during the eight-week period that extended from Thanksgiving through the New Year.

  • The average onsite individual lost 1.6 pounds.
  • The average offsite individual lost 1.5 pounds.
  • The average onsite team member lost 1.6 pounds.
  • The average offsite team member lost 2.35 pounds.
  • Ratio of offsite: onsite players was 35:65.

The combined average weight loss of this year’s participants was 1.66 pounds, which matches our 2012 results.  The total pounds lost this year was 395 pounds and in 2012 we lost 358 pounds.

All-star standouts this year included:

  • Mercy Health Physician Partners Southeast Office with 21 participants.
  • Clinica Santa Maria with 20 participants
  • Browning Claytor with 8 participants
  • Shared Services with 38 participants
  • Cardio Vascular Testing with 11 participants
  • Surgery with 18 participants
  • Finance with 8 participants
  • Health Information Management with 10 participants

Congratulations to all of those who participated and keep this healthy trend going throughout 2014!

Quotes from the prize winners:

 Lisa Klapmust, Southeast Office,  iPad winner

Practice Leader and Lisa Klapmust

Practice Leader and Lisa Klapmust

Hold it Through the Holidays was the extra boost to help with post-baby weight loss for me.  Many nurses participated in this and we all encouraged one another, which helped with all of those extra holiday treats.  I lost 7 pounds during this challenge and still continue to lose!”


Nancy Host, East Beltline, Initial Weigh In Exercise Ball and DVD Guide

Nancy Host

Nancy Host

“I entered Hold it Through the Holidays to remind myself to eat healthy, exercise more, and enjoy the holidays.  It worked!  It made me more aware of what I was eating, as well as making sure to exercise more.  Thank you for the exercise ball, I didn’t have one and look forward to using it!”


Angie Bernal, Clinica Santa Maria, Mid Weigh In Exercise Ball and DVD Guide

Angie and her supporting teammates.

Angie Bernal holding her exercise ball, depicted with her supporting teammates.


Victoria Barton

Victoria Barton, Clinica Santa Maria, Final Weigh Out Exercise Ball and DVD Guide


The Clinica Santa Maria team is committed to growing healthier and happier in 2014.

The Clinica Santa Maria team is committed to becoming healthier and happier in 2014.



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