Honoring Winter 2015 Colleague Award Winners!

January 26, 2015 3:10 pm

Each quarter, a handful of our best Colleagues are selected to receive the Colleagues Award. Recipients are first nominated by their peers, then selected from among dozens of other candidates by a committee composed of clinical, non-clinical, management and non-management colleagues who carefully read through the nomination forms. Colleague Award winners are honored at a special event hosted by President Bill Manns on 5 Lacks, at 3 p.m. on Tuesday, January 27. All are invited to attend to celebrate with them.

If you would like to nominate someone for a Colleagues Award for the next quarter, please visit www.mercyhealthcolleagues.com.

Eric Alexander, Registered Nurse Case Manager
Eric knew when he made the transition from floor nursing to case management that there would be a learning curve, that many had tried the position he was taking and failed, yet he prevailed to make it work to serve our patients and meet case management guidelines.

Eric quietly learned his new role, focused on success for the benefit of his patients. Eric came into case management, new to case management and took an assignment that no one had been able to master. In fact, many were just saying it wouldn’t work; it couldn’t be done. Eric didn’t let that stop him. He eagerly learned his new role, using his nursing experience to figure how to make it work and has been successful.

Eric was focused on solutions all of the way. Professional, focused and working hard to meet all deadlines and criteria, he is satisfied only when the work is complete in a professional, accurate way.

Anes, Sue, small

Sue Anes

Sue Anes, Clinic Lead, OB/GYN East Beltline
As the Clinic Lead, Sue was able to continue to provide values consistent with Excellence in Action even throughout the very trying time of EHR implementation. She was patient and kind to all new colleagues during this time. She treats each person she comes across with kindness, whether it is a patient or coworker. She will do whatever she can to keep her colleagues happy.

She is a constant source of information and knowledge and is always willing to assist others any time during the day. Sue never blames or complains; she is always fair and is finding solutions.

Sue has worked since the start of this office to integrate additional staff and physicians into a positive and uplifting work environment. She has led our monthly staff meetings with good intentions and fosters respect for everyone in attendance.
She has worked very hard to create a positive work environment even with the recent implementation of the electronic medical record she continues to problem solve and puts a smile on her face every day.

Rice Rose, small

Rose Rice

Rose Rice, RN, Hauenstein 3
One story that stands out is when Rose showed compassion to her patient suffering from a stroke. The patient was crying and upset due to the loss of ability to speak. The patient had many family members present, and Rose took the time and had the compassion to explain to them what was occurring and what the outcome could possibly be.

Rose is never afraid to ask a doctor anything. If something is incomplete in the chart, Rose does not get upset. Rose has stated to nursing interns: “The residents are just learning, like you. You have to be patient with them and understanding. Just send them a nice page and be respectful.”

Rose never says: “You’re supposed to do it this way, but I do it like this…” She always does it the way Mercy Health Saint Mary’s policy and procedure dictate.

Rose holds herself accountable to the Mercy Health mission and values as she compassionately cares for patients. Rose sees Mercy Health Saint Mary’s as a whole. Every day Rose has a smile on her face, always encouraging the staff around her in a positive way.

Watson, Debra, small

Debra Watson

Debra Watson, Pharmacist
As Manager of Home Infusion Department, Debra Watson is definitely deserving of receiving the Colleague Recognition award.
Debra has been a trusted pharmacist and colleague for many years in our department. She is respected by her colleagues and patients. Friendly, trustworthy and compassionate are only a few of the adjectives I would use to describe her. She believes in the goodness of others and quietly supports those in need.

I could not ask for a better colleague. She is task-driven and frequently volunteers for committees and projects. Her work is accurate and always turned in on time. She is never satisfied with the status quo and is constantly looking for ways to improve her profession and surroundings.

Debra built the program from the ground up working closely with many Trinity organizations to provide a much needed service to much of the lower Michigan area.

Debra has devoted many personal hours to innovative projects that impact our pharmacy’s ability to deliver safe health care consistently.

Deb has always championed the work that Mercy Health Saint Mary’s does in health care and in the community. Her deep commitment to her Catholic faith has her aligned directly with our mission statement.


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