“I Lent a Hand” Donation Program Begins at Lake Michigan Credit Union Branches in Grand Rapids

March 6, 2014 3:47 pm

Icon you receive from LMCU when you make a donation.

Come on! Lend a Hand!

This March, Lake Michigan Credit Union is accepting donations at its Grand Rapids branches to assist Saint Mary’s Foundation through its “I Lent a Hand” Campaign.

You don’t have to go far! Lake Michigan Credit Union has a branch in the Jefferson Building at Mercy Health Saint Mary’s Campus. You can also make a donation at The Shoppe at Saint Mary’s located in the Main Hospital.

Proceeds will benefit the Mercy Health Patient Assistance Fund.

You can contribute today by visiting a local Lake Michigan Credit Union branch and buying an icon.

Contributing to the cause supports:

  • Transportation for a patient
  • Meal for a patient
  • Clothing for a patient
  • Offsetting costs of medication for a patient
  • Help purchase games, books or movies for patients and their families
  • Help provide personal care items for a patient.

For more information, visit a local LMCU branch today.

For more information about the Saint Mary’s Foundation, please call 616.685.1892 or visit www.SaintMarysFoundationGR.com.


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