Jack Morris, MD, Receives Physician Appreciation Award!

February 12, 2016 9:40 pm
Morris and Liz, resized

Dr. Jack Morris is surprised by his Physician Appreciation Award by CNO Liz Murphy and other nurses.

  Each quarter, a doctor is nominated by a member of the nursing staff for the Physician Appreciation Award, thanks to his or her exemplary care, compassion and dedication for Mercy Health Saint Mary’s, the nurses and the patients of the organization.

Congratulations to Dr. John (Jack) Morris on receiving the Physician Appreciation Award!
And the nomination for Dr. Morris reads (submitted by a floor nurse):

“I would like to nominate Dr. Jack Morris for a Physician Appreciation Award for his dedication for his patients, one in particular.

“This patient was scheduled for a routine procedure the next morning. Dr. Morris called the unit the night before and stated that his colleague will have to perform the surgery because he had a family emergency. When the nurse shared this with the patient, the patient expressed disappointment but understood because she trusted Dr. Morris. In the early morning, around 2 a.m. the patient’s condition worsened. Dr. Morris was still on call, and the nurse paged him to update him on the patient’s condition.

“At first, Dr. Morris provided verbal orders to monitor the patient’s condition until the following morning when surgery was scheduled. After a few short minutes, Dr. Morris called the nurse back and said, ‘I just can’t sleep! I am too worried about her. I am on my way in to the hospital and I will do the surgery now.’


“When Dr. Morris arrived to the unit, he was calm and reassuring. The patient saw him and was nearly in tears. As a nurse, this made me feel extremely comfortable and confident in my decision to encourage themorris group shot, resized staff nurse to call the physician at 2 a.m.

“Dr. Morris walked down to surgery with us to transport his patient and stayed with her until it was time for him to scrub in. The patient could not have been any more relieved to have Dr. Morris by her side, especially since her family was an hour’s drive away.

“I believe Dr. Morris deserves this appreciation because of his calming approach to both the patient and the RNs. We can expect any physician who is woken up in the middle of the night and called in for an emergency case to feel stressed and frustrated. Dr. Morris put his patient’s concerns before his own. He shows commitment to his patient’s care in his everyday practice and even when he is on-call. He went out of his way to ensure his patient was receiving excellent care. He treats the clinical nursing staff with respect and he values our assessment findings. Way to go Dr. Morris!”


Meredith Miller

Congratulations, Dr. Morris! Definitely well deserved! :)

Mareeka Spencer


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