Jenny Heeren Memorial Scholarship Granted to First Recipient

January 8, 2014 3:29 pm
Tara Coyle Picture

Tara Coyle, recipient of first Jenny Heeren Memorial Fund Scholarship in 2013

Congratulations to Tara Coyle, medical assistant at the Northwest Office of Mercy Health Physician Partners, for receiving the 2013 Jenny Heeren Nursing Education Scholarship, established in honor of Jenny Heeren, a dedicated and cherished medical assistant who worked for Mercy Health and always had the dream of becoming a nurse.

The first recipient of this scholarship, Coyle has worked for Mercy Health since 2009 and currently attends Everest Institute for the Licensed Practical Nurse program. She works full-time and attends school part-time, with the goal of becoming the best nurse possible.

Coyle loves learning new things and wants to continue making a difference for patients.


Sally Dalman

Congratulations Tara. I worked with Jenny at the Jenison office and she would be so happy to see that you received the scholarship in her memory. She was wonderful with the patients and staff.

Sally Dalman

I'm happy for you Tara. I worked with Jenny at the Jenison office and this is such a nice way to remember her.


Congrats Tara, so glad that you are fulfilling your dream, the dream Jenny always had. I am so glad to see that you are receiving this scholarship in memory of Jenny. CONGRATS!!!!!!


Congrats Tara, it is wonderful to see that some one is so dedicated as Jenny was. I wish you all the best in every thing you do n once again CONGRATS!!!!!!

Jesica Anderson

Congratulations, Tara! Jenny would be proud to know you received this scholarship! She was a wonderful person and an asset to the company, just as you are!

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