Magnet Journey Update

July 1, 2013 5:26 pm

In May 2013, Magnet surveyors from the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) visited Saint Mary’s Health Care, meeting with staff nurses, physicians, patients and other healthcare professionals over four days. As a result, Saint Mary’s was granted Magnet recognition on May 15, 2013. As part of the survey, we have just received our summary report in which Saint Mary’s nurses were also recognized by the ANCC as exemplars in the following area:

Exemplary Professional Practice – the Magnet Commission recognized this through the following summary of what they heard ‘The enthusiasm of the nurses throughout the organization about their model of Professional Practice, graphically depicted as a tree, is palpable within the organization. The direct care nurses in the Professional Practice Model Development Group passionately described how their practice is rooted in the guiding principles of the organization and that the mission and values, depicted as a stream of water, nourish professional practice and form a strong trunk based on caring relationships. The leaves on the tree represent the ten key characteristics of professional practice, including concepts such as innovation, cultural competency, shared decision making and evidence-based practice. It was very clear that the model was developed and owned by the direct care nurses and that leadership had supported them in each step of the Model’s development.

Nurses throughout the organization were able to describe how the Model within the organization guides their practice, and is reflective of the care they provide. Throughout the organization, there are mountings on the wall of the components of the Professional Practice Model. During the site visit, nurses spoke of the Professional Practice Model with pride of ownership. The Model is not only reflective of their practice, it accurately demonstrates how the nurses of Saint Mary’s Healthcare work and relate to one another. The schematic depiction of the model is a reflection of their practice. The nurses did not adopt a Professional Practice Model; rather, they were able to capture the key aspects of their practice within the Model. As nurses in many areas stated to the appraisers, their Model fits their practice and is reflective of the unique characteristics and qualities of nursing care at Saint Mary’s. The beauty of the artwork of the Model reflects the passion they feel for their practice.”

Thank you to all of the associates and medical staff for demonstrating what we do best every day – – provide the best care, for every patient, every place. It was clearly evident to the Magnet appraisers as they visited 21 departments and facilitated 56 interviews, touching multiple hundreds of our associates and medical staff.



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