Meet Michigan’s Vaccination Champion Award Nominee

March 25, 2014 3:08 pm
Violeta Marshall

Violeta Marshall

Violeta Marshall, a medical assistant at Clinica Santa Maria, has been nominated for the 2014 Childhood Immunization Champion Award in recognition of her dedication to go above and beyond to promote childhood immunizations in the community.

Nominees are recognized for their leadership, collaboration, innovation and advocacy.

Marshall has helped educate parents, as well as her colleagues at Clinica Santa Maria, on the importance of vaccinations at an early age. She is in charge of the patient assistance program and has established a new protocol to make sure that more patients will have the chance to be vaccinated for free at Clinica Santa Maria. She is known as someone who has a passion to protect all ages within a family.

“For me, giving vaccinations for free is essential,” said Marshall. “Vaccines are the reason we have obliterated so many diseases here in the US.”

“Her hard work and passion for disease prevention has led to more patients in her clinic being protected,” said Mindy Fonger of Merck, Marshall’s nominator. “Her dedication will ultimately impact a greater amount of people in the Grand Rapids Latino community improving health and preventing disease.”

Marshall is dedicated to helping others in her personal life as well. In the past 14 years, she has been a foster parent to 16 children from numerous countries, including Africa, Brazil, Ghana, Guatemala and Honduras. Marshall says she has plenty of love to share with them and is proud to have the opportunity to help them live safe, happy lives.

One nominee for the Childhood Immunization Champion Award has been chosen from every state, with the national winner being announced the week of April 26, during National Infant Immunization Week.




Nancy Wass

Way to go Violetta! Thank you for being such a champion in promoting vaccinations - we are a healthier, safer community because of you!

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