Nate Cole, July 2015 DAISY Award Winner

July 20, 2015 2:42 pm
Nate signing the banner

Nate Cole signs the DAISY banner

Nate Cole, a 2015 Nursing Excellence Award Winner, has earned the July 2015 DAISY Award.

nate, group shot

Nate Cole stands among nursing leadership and other co-workers on the PMU.

Nate and Betty

Volunteer Betty Cole, (left) stands proudly with her grandson, Nate Cole, after he receives his DAISY award.

Cole was nominated by another nurse on his unit, Blair Celano, who said:

“The rapport and trust Nate builds with his patients is astounding. One particularly challenging patient did not want to take his medication, so Nate sat with him, talking and being there for him. Nate was eventually able to talk the patient into getting his medications. Afterwards, they walked around the unit together, talking and laughing about bicycling and other hobbies.”


Cole’s colleagues joined him as he was awarded with an official Daisy Award pin and certificate, with his own personal rendition of The Healer’s Touch sculpture.


His grandmother, Betty Cole, who serves as a volunteer for the hospital two days a week, stopped by to congratulate him!

Cole’s commitment to providing quality care to each of his patients makes him more than a deserving recipient of the July 2015 Daisy Award. Congratulations again to Nate Cole.


Click here to learn more about the DAISY Award.



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