National Safety Week Recap

March 18, 2016 8:55 pm

Thanks to the dozens of colleagues who filled out the window decals during National Safety Week to fill up the window space by The Urban Platter! Each decal asks the colleague, “In my work area, I support safety by….” Colleagues filled in the space with safety initiatives and different ways that they collaborate to keep safety at the forefront of the organization’s focus.

Many departments were represented on the window decal exercise, from Instructional Media, to Pharmacy, to Environmental Services, to Antibiotic Stewardship, all with key messages of how they are focusing on safety and quality.

Another key Safety Week activity was the departmental poster that can be turned in for a departmental pizza party! Email with questions.

The weekly video series, “Minute for Medicine,” launched during National Safety Week. Each week, a new video will be launched.

While watching the video, colleagues are being asked to contemplate the following questions:
1) What impact can your team have on this topic?

2) What can you, a Mercy Health Saint Mary’s colleague, commit to doing consistently based on what you have heard and learned?

These videos can be accessed from the Saint Mary’s intranet, under “Minute for Medicine.”


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