New Surgery Waiting Room Opens on Wednesday, April 8

April 10, 2015 7:43 pm
waiting room, overlooking cathedral

Room with a view – the waiting room has partitioned off areas for a private atmosphere.

After several months of construction, the Surgery Waiting room has opened on the third floor on April 8. Although only two-thirds complete, the new waiting room features:

  • much natural light,
  • many private seating areas,
  • vending machines,
  • beautiful built-in three-sided fish tank,
  • big screen TVs and
  • many outlets and cell phone chargers for accommodating patient families and loved ones.
fish tank

The beautiful fish tank is placed in the middle of the Surgery Family Waiting room and creates a separated space.

Some temporary accommodations have been created until the construction is complete, such as a temporary check-in desk and temporary physician consult areas.

“We wanted our patients’ family members and loved ones to be comfortable as possible, and we feel this space does that,” said Amy Moored, Manager of Surgery Finance. “We still have some more work until we can open up the entire space for our guests. For example, we are working on getting a separate temporary physician consult area within the next week or so. Things are really coming together for this project. Everyone in surgery is really excited.”


Shown in the Family Waiting Room, these chandeliers will also be placed in the staff break room.

Also exciting is the new break room for the surgical staff. Some amenities are:

  • Natural-lit area with an open floor design, away from patients and families
  • Large refrigerator with a clear door for easy food storage and multiple microwaves for quick re-heating.
  • Multiple seating areas
  • Unique floor pattern
  • Comfortable lounge chairs and flat screen TVs
  • Two quiet rooms with heated massage chairs where staff can rest after a long or arduous case
  • Separate men and women’s locker rooms that connect to break room
  • Individual locker assignments for colleagues
  • Locker rooms that directly connect to the Operating area for easy access
staff break room

Many separate dining tables are located within the staff break room.

staff break room, countertop

This photo shows another view of the surgery staff break room, overlooking the countertop and a bit into one of the quiet rooms.

We are looking forward to the next completed phases for the Surgery construction project including:

  • A new 18-bay recovery area (PACU) at the end of April.
  • Six operating rooms that will open in mid-May.



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