Nursing Excellence Award Winners 2015!

May 11, 2015 3:27 pm

Congratulations to our 2015 Nursing Excellence Award Winners!

Each May, Mercy Health Saint Mary’s recognizes nurses for their group shot of Nursing Excellence Awardoutstanding practice through the Nursing Excellence Awards. Each honoree was nominated by a colleague, and each nomination was reviewed by the Clinical Advancement System Committee for the five nursing values:

  • spirituality,
  • advocacy,
  • knowledge,
  • compassionate care and
  • collaboration.

Nursing Excellence Award Recipients:

  • Michelle Busscher, Outpatient Surgery at Lacks;
  • Sarah Butters, Neuroscience Clinic;
  • Nathan Cole, Psych-Med Unit;
  • Kristy Perez, Nursing Administration;
  • Laurie Sayer, Hauenstein 2;
  • Donna Silva, 3 Lacks;
  • D’Anna Springer, 3 Lacks;
  • Jon Vanderhill, 8 Main;
  • MaryBeth Vanderweide, 8 Main

In addition, finalists were chosen to receive the Vision Award for demonstrating unwavering support and evidence of outstanding contributions across all nursing values.

Vision Award: Jackie Gillespie, Palliative Care and Jill McNamara, 8 Main

During an awards ceremony on May 6, 2015, held in The Urban Platter, all awardees were honored by their supervisors or nominators. Many honorees’ family members came to celebrate the special occasion as well. During the ceremony, “The Healer’s Touch” sculpture was unveiled, and afterwards, the nurses held a celebration on 5 Lacks, where attendees enjoyed a chocolate fountain, sparkling juices and light appetizers.

Congratulations again to our Nursing Excellence Award Winners 2015!


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