Redesigned RN Residency Program Graduates First Cohort

March 4, 2016 7:54 pm

On March 3, 2016, Mercy Health Saint Mary’s graduated its first cohort of a recently redesigned RN Residency Program and celebrated with a poster presentation and a pinning ceremony for the 15 graduates. Designed for nurses who works at Mercy Health Saint Mary’s with less than a year of experience, this program seeks to expand recent nursing graduates’ knowledge of the scope of nursing while giving them practical applications for their areas of nursing through an evidence-based practice project.

As part of the program, six different groups within the cohort each focused on a different initiative for their evidence-based practice project, some of which included noise level in the NICU, preparing a patient for surgery and pain perception. During a two-hour window, the cohort was able to present their findings to members of Mercy Health Saint Mary’s nursing leadership.

Congratulations to the following RN Residency graduates:

  • Constance Welsch
  • Kathleen A. Johnstone
  • Charlotte R. Saxton
  • Jacquelyn D. Lohman
  • Kathryn M. Wachtel
  • Thomas P. Van Der Schaaf
  • Maris J. Tippett
  • Devin R. Baker
  • William W. Mace
  • Leanna B. Wende
  • Tayler C. Kooienga
  • Julie K. Chambers
  • Sarah C. Beckett

Not pictured: Leslee O’Connor

“Congratulations, this has been a long 12 months for each of you, with all the courses and education you have undergone during this program,” said Mary Schubert, MSN, RN, Clinical Services Director for Maternal Child Services, who congratulated all the RN residency graduates during the pinning ceremony. “We are so proud to have you choose our hospital. I am hoping that you each become change agents within your units, and I challenge you to wonder, ‘What’s next?’ and to seek future opportunities to further impact patients in your areas.”

Special thanks to Theresa McGuire, MSN, RN-BC, Magnet Program Director and RN Resident Program Coordinator, who leads the program. Just because the first cohort is graduated doesn’t mean that McGuire gets to relax. Five other RN residency cohorts are currently running at Mercy Health Saint Mary’s, all at various stages.

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