Renovation of Heart and Vascular Center

August 1, 2013 12:00 pm

The Special Procedures and Interventional Radiology was recently re-named the Heart and Vascular Center to show the breadth of its services. The center is located off the main hospital lobby.

Marlene Hanson, director of the center, joined the staff in July 2012 and is responsible for the oversight of the renovation process. The process involves four stages and currently in the fourth and final stage.

The renovations include:

  • New pre- and post-procedural areas
  • New catheter lab with state of the art equipment, including high definition flat screen monitors.
  • A new bi-plane room which provides dual images for a three-dimensional look.
  • A new cardiology corridor which includes a place for stress testing, Echocardiograms, physician reviewing room, patient consulting room, new office and waiting room.
  • New X-ray system.
  • New central island for the nurses.

The final renovation is an upgrade to the old catheter lab. The latest innovation, technology and image storing were included in the project. Instead of waiting for information to be dictated and the transcription put into a patient’s chart, it now happens immediately. During a procedure, a tech records everything that was compiled into a computer. The doctor has access to the same computer and makes a diagnosis with recommendations. All the information immediately goes into the patients chart along with the images, which enables immediate access instead of having a wait period.

“We’ve seen a dramatic increase in the number of heart attack patients we have been taking care of. We have done as many in the first few months as we did all of last year. Part of the reason is that we have a new liaison between the paramedics and the hospital,” says Marlene.

With the new space, Marlene has enjoyed coordinating the care between the radiologist, vascular surgeons and the cardiologists who now are able to consult with each other much more easily.

As the renovation nears completion, Marlene wants to do more community outreach and to make sure they are meeting the needs of the physician partners within the hospital, and with the referring doctors in the network. In August, they will host an event for Emergency Medical Services learning about heart and vascular disease.


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