Six New Operating Rooms Open

May 18, 2015 3:38 pm
surgery sink

Scrub-in sinks located on outside of the OR.

anesthesia boom 2

Anesthesia boom in new OR.

   On Monday, May 18, 2015, Mercy Health Saint Mary’s opens six new operating rooms. Each of the six 650-square-foot rooms is identical for standard work flow and is situated around a “center core,” where supplies are held. Like the PACU that opened earlier in May, each room was designed by surgical staff for optimum patient care and staff work flow.

New features are:

  • All electrical outlets now come from the ceiling, reducing trip hazards
  • “Future-proofed’ rooms with additional electrical outlets and conduits that might be needed in the future
  • 650-square-foot surgical suites, each the same size and same design for standard work flow
  • Scrub-in sinks are located on the outside of the surgical room
  • Alcoves were created for storage of orthopedic supplies
  • Ability to livestream surgical procedures, reducing the need for observers in surgery
  • All traffic will be moved away from the sterile areas
  • Two shelled Operating Rooms are located around this center core for future expansion

This was the first “track” to be built, around a center core. In about five months, an additional six operating rooms will be complete, around their own center core, comprising the second “track.” The phased construction approach was needed as the surgical team continues to perform surgeries onsite.

ortho rack for vendors

Storage units for the orthopedic vendors

“We worked to create a standard flow and the same rooms, so people don’t have to think, ‘Okay, I am in Room One, where does this go?'” said Kathy Wells, Manager, Perioperative Services. “The staff have been wonderful throughout all the construction and inconveniences. We have 40 of them coming in over the weekend to help move equipment and prepare for Monday.”

Thanks to the surgical staff, who have worked very diligently to provide the optimum care for patients during construction.


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