Talent, Diversity, and Sustainability – Human Resource Project Design Kick Off

April 27, 2015 3:08 pm

On April 17, Mercy Health hosted 60 educational and workforce partners from West Michigan that represent its talent supply chain for employment. Through these partnerships with the leaders in education and workforce development, Mercy Health seeks to develop a set of strategies that will produce a consistent, diverse and qualified workforce for entry-level jobs. These jobs are scattered across the region’s sites, including Mercy Health Physician Partners in Grand Rapids, Mercy Health Muskegon and Trinity Senior Living Communities.

Five entry-level jobs currently have low levels of first-year retention. In addition, not enough qualified applicants exist to fill staffing gaps in the following job categories:

  • Medical Assistant,
  • Environmental Services,
  • Patient Care Assistant/Certified Nurse Assistant,
  • Phlebotomist and
  • Nutrition Services.

“These entry-level positions should serve as a starting point for colleagues to progress within the system in order to reach family-sustaining employment,” said Shana Welch, Regional Director of Recruitment, Mercy Health.

During the April 17 meeting with community partners, Mercy Health defined next steps for this work:

Project 1 – Diverse Career Pathways: Mercy Health has engaged Steve Bennett of the Michigan Center for Career Pathways to lead this work. That project team is focused on reaching into diverse communities in partnership with our community partners to build highly effective career pathways for the five job families of Environmental Services, Nutrition Services, Patient Care Assistants/CNAs, Phlebotomists, and Medical Assistants.

Project 2 – Alignment of Health Program Entry with Hiring Requirements: Mercy Health has engaged Bill Guest of Metrics Reporting to lead this work. The purpose of this work is to share the Mercy Health job analysis and validation information with local schools for Character Competencies (AKA soft skills, personality factors, behavioral aspects). This project team will explore the possibilities for aligning Mercy Health assessments so that students who complete health care programs in our area can be assured that their Character Competencies will meet our hiring requirements.

Want to learn more about hiring at Mercy Health or contribute by serving on one of our project teams? Email Shana Welch, Regional Director of Talent Acquisition at Shana.Welch@mercyhealth.com or Tom Karel, Vice President of Human Resources, kareltl@mercyhealth.com.


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