The Healer’s Touch Sculpture Welcome Addition to Courtyard

May 11, 2015 3:30 pm

healerAdorning the courtyard outside The Urban Platter is The Healer’s Touch sculpture, generously donated by Liz Murphy, Chief Nursing Officer, in honor of all the nurses of Mercy Health Saint Mary’s – past, present and future.

Unveiled during the Nursing Excellence Awards on May 6, 2015, the statue represents the unique caring relationship nurses have with their patients and was hand-crafted by a Shona Tribe healer in Zimbabwe. The artist’s name, Alfred, is carved on the back of the sculpture. The carving began as a 150-pound block of serpentine stone and took approximately three weeks to carve.

Each DAISY Award winner around the United States, including Mercy Health Saint Mary’s recipients, receives a rendition of The Healer’s Touch, which are all hand-crafted by different healers from Zimbabwe. Given the political unrest in that country, the carvings are a main source of income for the healers, who write letters of gratitude to the DAISY Foundation, thanking them for the opportunity to feed their families.

“My hope is that this sculpture serves as a constant reminder that every nurse has the capacity to be a healer, using touch, caring and compassion, and simply being fully present with each person in the moment,” said Murphy during the unveiling ceremony.

Feel free to enjoy The Healer’s Touch in the courtyard outside The Urban Platter.

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