The Patient Experience – May 2013

May 1, 2013 3:55 pm

Dear Mr. McCorkle,

Words cannot express our gratitude for the wonderful, loving care your staff gave to our mother and to us. She was there for five days, and someone was with us most of the time.

The care and attention they gave to her and us was not the only wonderful thing we experienced. Even in our private time with Mom, we could hear staff talking and showing respect to each other. We constantly heard them asking each other if they needed help. We never experience anything like this in other hospitals.

When I asked one of the nurses about it, she said that the hospital was like one big family and each one looked out for the other. What an example for us all.

We want to especially thank the following people:

Doctors Hess and Plaisier, and especially the endocrinologist Dr. Shen who was with Mom the entire stay.

From 3 Lacks: Nurses Jenna, Rachel and Dawn

From Respiratory: Sue

From Housekeeping: D’Angelo, who checked in daily to see how Mom was doing and prayed for her and us

From Hauenstein 2: Lisa, Suzanne and Carol

And, an extra special thank you to Carl, Kelsey and Desiree who gave Mom and us so much extra comfort and care.

You can be proud of your staff. They are special people and share God’s love with everyone. We can’t say enough about them.

My sister’s family has always gone to another hospital, but this experience changed them forever. They are now Saint Mary’s fans.

Please share this letter with those we named so they know how much we appreciated them.

Dear Dr. Farooq,

On behalf of the family of our dad, we would like to thank you for your care. As you said, it was an unfortunate and difficult situation, but you, by extending your care and compassion beyond your patient and to our entire family during this time truly made things easier. We understand the value of your time and the way you made yourself available to us, to answer any questions or concerns was exceptional.

You, the nursing staff from the ER, all the way through to the critical care unit and everyone at Saint Mary’s could not have been more caring. Please know that how you choose to go above and beyond the care of just your patient is so very much appreciated! You have touched our lives and may all the goodness you share come back to you.


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