“Toto” Ranks as One of Country’s “Top Robots”

March 19, 2015 6:57 pm
Xenex group shot

Two-thirds of the first shift staff gather to celebrate their accomplishments with one of the Xenex robots.

The germ-zapping Xenex robot™ “Toto” ranks ninth in the nation for disinfecting for the most hours, according to the company Xenex. Since the pair of robots was introduced to Mercy Health Saint Mary’s in the summer of 2014, “Dorothy” and “Toto” have become integral members of the Environmental Services team and vital to the Infection Control process.

Toto was deployed throughout the hospital for 589 hours from July through December 2014, narrowly squeezed out of eighth place by a robot deployed for 591 hours.

The company Xenex celebrated by hosting a pizza party for the Environmental Services department on March 18, 2015.

How the Xenex robot works: To disinfect a room after standard discharge cleaning procedures are complete, Mercy Health Environmental Services staff wheels the Xenex robot into the room, positions it beside the bed, begins the automated sequence, and then exits the room. Because the Xenex robot uses UV light, it is able to reach virtually every surface in the room, and it does not leave a chemical residue. As the Xenex robot contains no mercury or hydrogen peroxide, it stands as the only “green” technology used in automated room disinfection.

Specially trained staff at Mercy Health uses these machines in operating rooms, intensive care and isolation rooms after discharge and in intervention radiology and C-section suites. The Xenex system is easily portable, allowing it to disinfect virtually any location within the hospital.

The winners for usage are:

  1. MountainView Hospital – Nelson – 1,336 hours
  2. Washington Adventist Hospital – Lee – 792 hours
  3. Wellstar Kennestone Hopsital – Methos – 759 hours
  4. Lancaster General Hospital – Wayne – 742 hours
  5. Hays Medical Center – Violet – 726 hours
  6. St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center – Bopper – 661 hours
  7. UPMC Passavant Hospital – Violet – 627 hours
  8. Doylestown Hospital – Bishop – 591 hours
  9. Mercy Health Saint Mary’s – Toto – 589 hours
  10. St. Joseph’s Medical Center – Kimberly – 569 hours


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