What’s Behind the Paper? Cafe Construction Sneak Peek!

November 17, 2014 3:38 pm
paper window

Entrance to the remodeled cafeteria

real pizza oven

Pizza oven (please don’t mind the construction objects)

The main cafeteria is almost ready for its unveiling December 8! Since many people are anxious to see the final product, the construction crew agreed to give a sneak peek to our colleagues!

The updated cafeteria will focus on “going green” by using permanent dishware. Plates will be kept in a heated or a cold well. The cafeteria will also include a refill station for water bottles, encouraging colleagues to bring reusable water bottles to stay hydrated throughout the day.

new seating area

New Seating Areas

There will be many lunch options including daily vegetarian meals. In addition to the remodeled kitchen, there will also be a deli, an extended soup and salad bar and a stone hearth pizza oven.

The dining area was totally reconstructed and expanded, providing more seating room. Each booth features USB ports to allow colleagues to charge their devices while at lunch. The dining area also features condiment stations, microwaves and hand washing sinks. During the warmer months, patio seating will be available.

window shot

Part of the addition to the cafe, allowing for natural light

Thank you for your patience during the construction. Be sure to check out the final product on December 8!






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